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You will receive up to eight quotes from the nation's top auto insurance providers. You can locate the best full coverage insurance rates to fit your budget within minutes. Full coverage auto insurance translates to "physical damage coverage insurance." It is combination of collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Prices for these coverages vary, so compare quotes to find the right price (and policy) for you.

Why Purchase Full Coverage Insurance?

If you have a late model vehicle in excellent condition, it might be worth it to purchase full coverage. Full coverage insurance covers the cost of repairs to your car and losses that may result from something other than an accident such as theft, flood or fire. Full coverage may also cover the costs to repair other vehicles that may be involved in an accident. If you have an early model vehicle in poor condition, it might not be worth it to carry this type of coverage. The more you know about full coverage insurance the easier it will be to understand your auto insurance rates!